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Right Out Of Granny’s Treasured Recipe Box!

Lawd have mercy! Now we are talking some tasty eating right here! Genuine Southern food that comforts not only your body, but also your soul. Greens can be made in many ways. Every Southern cook worth her salt has at least one treasured family recipe in her recipe collection, and has probably added one or two to her collection over her lifetime.

But I have never seen one like this recipe from Monique, which features a smoked turkey leg in place of what I have always considered to be the traditional ham or pork. Greens are deceptively simple-seeming. Just a one-dimensional side dish of leafy green matter, boiled with some seasoning, right? But they are not.

You have to get the mix of flavors and textures just right. This can be a bit hard to do, because as the liquid in the pot is cooking down, it is concentrating the flavor into the greens themselves, so it is quite easy for them to become overly seasoned, especially in regard to the flavor of salt. This is even more difficult to control if you are using a salty meat. Collard greens, like other greens, can also become bitter when cooked. See the Quick Tip on how to avoid this.


Quick Tip:  Freezing your greens for about an hour before you cut them up to add them to the broth will prevent them from being bitter when fully-cooked.

Recipe and image courtesy of Monique at Divas Can Cook

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