Banana Pudding Is A Classic Dessert That No One Can Resist-And This Easy Recipe Is The Best We’ve Ever Tasted

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Simple Dessert Recipes – This Is A Tried & True Recipe That You’ll Make Over And Over Again

I’m not sure how the weather is in your neck of the woods as I’m writing this but for me spring is just starting to show signs of finally sticking around. The grass is greener, the days are getting longer, and the chill is gone from the air. This warmer weather has me craving simple dessert recipes like this Easy Banana Pudding —I may have already made a batch or two!

I can still remember my first time trying this classic dessert. It was at a friend’s high school graduation party. I was by the dessert table wondering what to try when my eyes landed on a casserole dish full of pudding and wafer cookies. I scooped some onto my plate and took my first bite. I was instantly in love.

After gobbling it down I asked my friend who made it. She pointed me in the direction of her grandma and I went over to ask her how she made it. Well, it turns out hers was a full blown, homemade pudding—no corners cut!

My 18 year old self couldn’t imagine having the patience to recreate her dish—but I knew it was something I wanted to make for myself. That’s why I was ecstatic when I found this one! Simple dessert recipes are just as good for much less effort.


Quick tip: If you have the time you can build this and serve it in individual serving bowls. Simply create the layers as stated below for each individual serving.

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