Sausage And Peppers Breakfast Casserole Will Get Your Day Started

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Serve A Big ‘Ol Slice Of This Casserole To The Ones You Love

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly what you’d call organized. I have a tendency to forget things unless they’re written down in at least three different places, am terrible at planning ahead, and seem to find chaos wherever I go. That’s why I was beyond shocked when my sister asked me to plan her baby shower.

Hadn’t she known me for 25 years?? How did she think that was a good idea?

Once I got over my shock and refrained from blurting out “why?!” I agreed to do what I could. I knew that now that our parents had retired to the south that I really was going to be my sister’s go to person for things like this moving forward, and I didn’t want to let her down.

After going back and forth on a few ideas we settled on a pretty yet rustic brunch at a local golf course. Once we had that down the real planning began, and I started to get a little nervous wondering if I could pull it off.

But with the help of my mother via numerous phone calls and a few trusty cookbooks I threw together a menu that I knew my sister would love. And this sausage and peppers breakfast casserole was the starring dish.


Quick tip: Switch up the meats and veggies to whatever you like best using the same biscuit and egg base.

Recipe and image courtesy of Somewhat Simple.


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