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Not Just Delicious, Healthy, Too – With Low Sugar And Healthier Flours

I have this passionate love for quick breads of all types – veggie, fruit or chocolate. But these are not often in my best interests to keep around my house because I will hear them calling my name at 3:00 a.m., similarly to that voracious plant – Audrey II – in the movie Little Shop of Horrors that would start out whispering “Feed me,” before building up to a demanding roar. Seriously folks, I don’t need that level of temptation!

But I know that I can count on Chelsea and her healthier baked goods to pull me through the rough patches of wanting food that I know is not all that good for me to be eating. This Healthier Applesauce Spice Bread of hers is a taste sensation! Plus, it only contains ½ cup of brown sugar (not even packed down). The great sweet taste comes from coconut oil, Greek yogurt, oat and white whole wheat flours and bits of apple that are well-distributed throughout this quick bread.

This bread is incredibly easy to make – you will need only one bowl, a big spoon and your own two hands. No mixing or complicated ingredients here, at all. Uncomplicated preparation also means that cleanup is a breeze, instead of a chore.


Quick Tip:  Choose your flour carefully. Plain, all-purpose white flour will result in a much “lighter” bread than white whole wheat flour, which results in a much denser bread. If you haven’t used whole wheat baked goods before, try using half white all=purpose flour and half white whole wheat flour. Brown whole wheat flour is not recommended, use white whole wheat flour or white all-purpose flour, or a blend of these two.

Recipe and image courtesy of Chelsea at Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

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