This One Tiny Ingredient Changes Everything!

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Dust Off Your Slow Cooker – It’s Party Time!

Remember those little grape-jelly meatballs that were all the rage at cocktail parties for quite some time? Nobody believed they actually had grape jelly as one of the main ingredients. Now Rebecca has come up with might be considered grape-jelly meatballs, version 2.0. Only these are WAAAY better-tasting, in my humble opinion, and I consider myself to be somewhat of a meatball aficionado.

This is another recipe where the humble, and often maligned, cranberry comes into its own, playing a strong supporting role. You might even say it shines. Coupled with orange juice, you have a slightly sweet, yet still piquant sauce. The addition of chili sauce (see Quick Tip for my personal favorite) and the use of flavored meatballs make this dish a tasty addition to your next party or buffet event.

The trouble with these meatballs? It is hard to know when to stop eating them, they are that good! There is something about the combination of sweet, spicy and tangy flavor that just really hits the spot. You will find yourself returning to these again and again, and then looking forlornly at the empty slow cooker, once they have all been consumed. But don’t worry, they are so easy to make you can enjoy them anytime, you don’t need a party for an excuse!


Quick Tip:  You can’t go wrong with Heinz Chili Sauce! We have been using this smoky, spicy, slightly sweet sauce in my family since before I was even born – it’s that good. It would be perfect in this recipe. If you don’t already have a favorite, try this one.

Recipe and image courtesy of Rebecca at Sugar & Soul

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