One Special Ingredient Makes These The Best Cinnamon Rolls EVER!

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Gooey, Melty And Packed With Goodness – A Deadly Breakfast Combo!

There isn’t much that beats cinnamon rolls baking for drawing people to the kitchen! They will wait in eager anticipation for them to come out of the oven and be iced with some type of sweet frosting. With any forethought whatsoever, they will have the good sense to let them cool a bit before trying to eat them. Nothing scalds a tongue quite like hot sugar!

Now, picture cinnamon rolls on steroids. No, not the same type of steroids that have created the monstrously-sized Cinnabon rolls found in malls across America. Rather, imagine having your cinnamon rolls filled with sweet-tart Granny Smith apples and caramel. Interested yet? Now what if they were also topped with caramel icing? Oh yeah, now we’re talking mouth-watering deliciousness, aren’t we!? Never fear, Trish has the perfect recipe all worked out for you!

With a cinnamon roll like that, you are going to be tempted to have it as a dessert, as well as for breakfast. Maybe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Sure, why not? They do have fruit, after all, and everyone knows fruit is good for you! Everyone loves cinnamon rolls. Most everyone loves caramel apples, too. So why not combine cinnamon, caramel and apples into one, really tasty, sweet treat? I certainly won’t stand in the way of breakfast, or dessert, innovation.


Quick Tip:  If you know you are going to be pressed for time on the morning you want to serve these delectable rolls, you can go ahead and make them up in advance. Just cover them and store them in the refrigerator after they have had a chance to rise. Let them come back to room temperature before baking. See instructions in the recipe.

Recipe and image courtesy of Trish at Mom On Timeout

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