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If You Don’t Make This For Thanksgiving, You’ll Get A Slap Upside Your Head From Your Mama!

Talk about a classic Southern recipe! This one is practically whistling Dixie! You know how certain foods can just open up the floodgates of your brain and a rush of memories flashes across the movie screen of your mind? When I saw Laura’s authentic recipe for this delicious, country-cooking comfort food from my childhood, memories of Thanksgivings past started parading through my head.

When I was very young, this was considered “grown-up food,” and was off limits to us rambunctious children. Of course, being deprived of it only created cravings for it in our young minds. We could smell the sweet cornbread and the spicy sausage. All we could do was sit and drool, trying to grow up as quickly as we could!

After my childhood years, I moved to the frozen wilds of Ohio and spent a good portion of my life working there. Dreams of cornbread and sausage dressing were put aside, and I came to like the doughy bread dressing served there. It wasn’t until I returned to the South to visit a friend for Thanksgiving that I was reintroduced to my roots. Of course I begged for the recipe, and I have been making this dressing ever since. You will have to try it to understand its folksy appeal.


Quick Tip:  To save on prep time, and have cornbread that toasts more easily, make the cornbread a day or two ahead so that it has time to dry out a bit. You can also save time by making the entire dish ahead of time and then either baking it or warming it up on Thanksgiving day.

Recipe and image courtesy of Laura at Laura Fuentes Fresh Living

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