Nothing Mushy About These – It Will Be Love at First Bite!

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Easier Than Cracking an Egg!

Okay, just how many versions of your “standard” side dishes have you rotated through your dinner menus? Thousands of dishes of potatoes, green beans, peas, corn and carrots, I imagine. Don’t you think it is high time for something new and different?

“But my family won’t eat mushrooms!” you wail, cringing at the very thought of setting a bowl of those hideous white blobs on your dinner table. Please take a good look at the picture of this dish. There are no white blobs in sight. Just beautiful, brown, saucy morsels.

This could not be a simpler dish to prepare. If you can stir a few ingredients together to make a simple sauce, toss mushrooms in that sauce to coat them, turn on your oven and set a timer – this recipe will be easy for you.

While it is important that you cook these mushrooms whole, so that they don’t shrivel and dry out in the high oven temperature required for roasting, you could always cut them into quarters, or even slice them, after cooking. Just make sure you recoat all of the pieces/slices in the sauce. But only do this if your family is freakishly squeamish about eating rounded food forms.


Quick Tip:  Make sure that you wash your mushrooms VERY thoroughly. Nobody wants to eat dirt for dinner! Dirt tends to lurk up under the caps. A soft-bristled toothbrush makes a handy tool for cleaning out those crevices.

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