My Mother-In-Law Accepted Me As Her Own After I Made Her My Cornbread Recipe

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The Most Unique Cornbread You’ve Ever Tasted – Wait Until You See What’s Inside!

Growing up, my family kept our meals very traditional. Southern food was Southern food, and you didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broke. As true as that is, there was a point where I was getting tired of the same old food over and over again.

My family makes this delicious cornbread on Sundays. It’s the perfect ratio between fluffy, dense, and crumbly. I can’t explain how delicious it is. Even the most yummy recipes need an update though, especially if you’re eating it every Sunday!

I experimented in the kitchen one day, and I added a few ingredients to the cornbread. I folded in bell pepper, corn, and chopped jalapeno. That’s right, this cornbread is spicy!

My family really likes spicy food, but they were shocked when they saw what I did to their recipe. They hesitantly tried it, and then they all took another bite, and then another. Before I knew it, the whole skillet was empty! I did something right!

Years later, I presented my soon to be other in law with this cornbread. She had the exact same reaction. By the time she finished her piece, she was calling me her daughter! It may seem crazy at first, but you’ll definitely want to try this out!


Quick Tip: Fold in the vegetables with a spatula so you don’t weaken the batter.

Recipe and image courtesy of: CD Kitchen

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