There Are So Many Delicious Ingredients In This Potato Salad, You Won’t Need To Eat Anything Else!

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My Loaded Potato Salad Will Become Your New Favorite Side Dish – And That’s A Promise

The best potato salad I’ve ever eaten was at a BBQ party I was at about 5 years ago. It was for a baby shower. The weather was absolutely perfect, everyone was in a huge backyard with games and drinks, and the whole place smelled like delicious barbecued meats.

When it was finally time for everyone to dig in and eat the BBQ feast, everything was laid across a long picnic table. Of course, there were piles of ribs and burgers. All the sides were neatly arranged in little bowls and plastic containers. All but one.

In the middle of the picnic table was a HUGE bowl of chunky potato salad. I didn’t even know bowls were made that big! I couldn’t understand why sooo much potato salad needed to be made. But then I saw how quickly it was going.

Everybody was making heaping plates full of this potato salad, so I obviously had to try some. That’s when I realized this was the most amazing potato salad that had ever been made. I HAD to have this recipe.

The host of the party was nice enough to give it to me, but boy is it something! I suggest quartering the recipe if you’re just serving your family. It’s so good though, everyone will love it.


Quick Tip: If you don’t like the skins, you can peel them away from the potatoes before boiling.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Coupon Clipping Cook

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