Make These Ooey-Gooey No-Bake Bars Today!

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You Can’t Go Wrong With This Investment

I am always on the lookout for a new cookie or sweet bar that I can add to my collection. I get tired of making the same old things, especially if I am using them for any type of cookie exchange or to give as a gift.

Nora’s extremely easy no-bake layered bars are just the type of thing I am looking for. None of the layers require baking. This really surprised me when it came to the shortbread layer, but it’s true.

I would like to practice my baking skills more often, but I often find myself pressed for time. So I leave the baking until the end, and I often just give up and don’t make any type of dessert. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself! As Nora says, “Let’s face it, we can’t always make everything from scratch.”

These no-bake cookie bars will taste like you made them from scratch, and I won’t be telling anybody anything different! You won’t have to, either. You will have to do a bit of stirring over the stove, so these might not be your best choice for a summer dessert, but they are definitely going into this year’s cookie exchange!


Quick Tip:  If you have any difficulty getting your caramel to thicken, put it back on high heat, stirring constantly, and it should thicken right up. Watch it so that you don’t burn it.

Recipe and image courtesy of Nora at Savory Nothings

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