Magically Delicious – But Why?

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This Revelation May Shock You!

All right, in addition to my openly confessing to being a huge chocoholic, I must also confess a certain predilection for “magic bars” of all descriptions. There is something about the ooey-gooey, sumptuousness of these bars that draws me in, time and again. They actually ooze! That’s when I usually start drooling! Gail’s recipe puts a little spin on the magic and creates turtle bars – YUM! As Gail says, “Chocolate, caramel and pecans, the greatest combination ever!”

These types of bars go by many different names, such as 7-Layer Bars and Hello Dollies, but foremost among their names is that of Magic Bar. I don’t know about you, but anytime there is even a hint about magic being involved, especially in cooking, I want to know the whole scoop.

Let’s tackle those other names, first. The 7-Layer bar name is rather obvious, as there are seven ingredients that you pile on. But to me, these are done sparsely, and I wouldn’t exactly call them layers – more like sprinkles. The Hello Dollies name comes from back in the 1960s when the play Hello Dolly! was heating up things on Broadway. There was a bakery there that made these confections and one of the earliest food writers took a liking to them and named them after the play.


Quick Tip:  Have trouble getting sweetened condensed milk to “drizzle” easily? Try this:  run you can of milk under HOT water for a just few minutes, or put it in a bowl of hot water that same amount of time. Then poke it with a hole with one of those pointy bottle openers, a small screwdriver or even a nail. It will then drizzle out perfectly!

Recipe and image courtesy of Gail at Chocolate, Chocolate and More

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