Have You Made This Ridiculously Easy & Delicious No Bake Treat?

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The Perfect Recipe For Hot Summer Days—Or When You Just Need An Easy Ice Cream Fix

This recipe reminds me of my grandmother. I’m the oldest grandchild (by quite a wide margin—my parents had me young and were both the oldest in their families), so I spent a lot of one on one time with both my grandparents growing up. I couldn’t even fathom a guess how many summer nights I’d spend there but there are all cherished memories.

With my grandpa we’d almost always spend time down in his garden. He grew a little bit of everything! From corn and pumpkins to grapes and strawberries—he definitely had a green thumb. And me? I’d mostly spend time digging in the dirt and looking for worms (I was an odd child at times).

With my grandma we’d invariably find ourselves in the kitchen working on a sweet treat of some sort. And, in fact, my grandmother was the first one to help me with many of my baking first like cracking an egg, using a hand mixer and more. Sometimes we’d go all out and making something elaborate like a towering from scratch layer cake.

And other times we’d make recipes like this. Shockingly simple yet totally delicious.


Quick tip: Instead of fudge use your favorite ice cream topping—butterscotch or caramel would be great.

Photo attribution and recipe courtesy of: My Story In Recipes.

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