Your Local Cinnabon Shop Doesn’t Want You To Read This Brilliant Recipe!

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How I Made These Awesome Rolls Even Though I Can’t Bake From Scratch!

Let me tell you, right off the bat, that these are NOT what you probably think they are. Just looking at them, you might be drooling and conjuring up childhood memories of Sunday morning breakfasts when your mother cracked open that shiny blue tube and you thought you might die from anticipation as the warm aroma of baking cinnamon rolls permeated your home. Or maybe you are calling to mind the last time you planted your face right in the middle of one of those ooey-gooey confections from the famous mall vendor. The middle is always the best part, right?

Okay, drag your icing-smeared face out of your memory bank and take a closer look at these. Notice anything different? Have you ever seen a cinnamon roll with such a large amount of cinnamon fairly bursting up out of it? Let me answer for you:  No, you have not!

So what makes this recipe that Katerina created so unique? It has a very secret ingredient:  pumpkin! That’s right, not only are these rolls the sticky, scrumptious morsels that you remember, they are also jam-packed with pumpkin and the full array of pumpkin pie spices. Cinnamon rolls on steroids! Don’t they look good enough to eat right off the page?


Quick Tip:  For added crunch, you can add your favorite nut, such as pecans or walnuts, either in the filling or sprinkled on top. Or go nuts (couldn’t resist the pun, sorry!) and do both. It is advisable to wait until they have cooled significantly to frost them, unless you want your frosting to melt into glaze form, which is fine, but different from the image shown.

Recipe and image courtesy of Katerina at Diethood

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