At Last, The Secret To The Dressing vs. Stuffing Controversy Is Revealed!

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Stop Making Boring Thanksgiving Side Dishes!

Have you ever wondered why some people have always called this recipe “dressing” while others know the exact same dish as “stuffing?” This can be a regional preference, or it can be localized to just within your own family, as compared to your neighbors, for instance. Here is the rationale!

Some people call it “dressing” because it is used to “dress,” or enhance, the main dish being served, and is cooked in a baking dish. Those who call it “stuffing” do so because it has traditionally been stuffed up inside the chest cavity of a large bird, such as a turkey (see the Quick Tip about this). Many people do a combination of both preparation methods. You can use the same recipe, no matter which preparation method you choose.

This “best ever” side dish recipe that Donna is sharing with us is delightfully redolent of the bounties of the autumn season, with its mixture of sausage, cranberries and apple. The use of wine to deglaze the pan where you have cooked the sausage makes an elegant sauce that is used to moisten the bread, thus adding a unique depth of flavor that is not a usual feature of Thanksgiving dressing.


Quick Tip:  It is actually safer, from a food poisoning standpoint, to prepare this recipe as dressing, in a separate baking dish. The texture will be much better, as well. When you prepare it as stuffing inside your turkey, you run the risk of contamination from raw turkey juices. Additionally, in order to fully cook the stuffing inside a turkey, you would be cooking it so long that the turkey would be extremely overcooked and dry.

Recipe and image courtesy of Donna at The Slow Roasted Italian

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