Just Like Pudding: My Mashed Potatoes Have A Special Ingredient To Make Them The Perfect Consistency!

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The Perfect Ratio Of Only 5 Ingredients Make The Best Potatoes Ever

In my life, I’ve learned some of the best recipes are the simplest ones. In fact, this one only has 5 ingredients in it! My creamy mashed potatoes are always one fo the first side dishes to get devoured at family parties.

I make it for every Christmas, and we hardly have room for the Christmas ham at the table! The secret ingredient is sour cream. Sour cream makes the potatoes dense and thick. However, to make these mashed potatoes super fluffy, all you have to do is whip them with a beater for a few minutes until they come to your favorite consistency.

First, all you have to do is peel and boil the potatoes, as you normally would. When they’re soft and done, drain them in a colander. All the other ingredients can get mixed directly in!

I did not include a gravy recipe for these potatoes because I think they’re a great base for holding your favorite gravy made with your Christmas meal. That’s right, anybody can use this recipe and it complements any meal you want to make it a side with.

The potatoes are the perfect consistency to hold flavors. If you want to add garlic, then add some! If you want to add fresh chives, then add some!


Quick Tip: The more air you whip into the potatoes, the fluffier they will be!

Recipe and image courtesy of: Comfy in the Kitchen

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