This Quick Dish Is Bursting With So Much Flavor You Won’t Be Able To Resist It

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Nothing Beats Italian Sausage Recipes, Especially This Pasta Bake When You’re Pressed For Time But Still Want Something Tasty

My husband and I have three children and it’s hard to believe how we’ve grown from the time we had our first baby and felt so overwhelmed to now three kids later where things have finally settled into a perfect balance of organized chaos. In fact, when we first had our daughter I’m pretty sure even a simple meal like this Italian Sausage Recipes – Easy Sausage Pasta Bake  would have seemed like too much to handle.

Yet now even with three kids, two new jobs, a move to a different state, and the addition of our newest baby—our puppy—I really feel I’ve come into my own as a mom. It’s like my own mother always told me: “Once you hit your mothering stride there’s almost nothing that can throw you.”

And she was right. I was terrified after I had my daughter—I felt there was no way to balance time with her, time with my hubby and time spent on my career. But by being intentional about how we lived our life, including being easier on ourselves with things like cooking meals (the easier the better!) everything seemed to fall into place.

And we discovered a treasure trove of easy yet oh so delicious dinners that we’ll be making even long after the kids are grown.


Quick tip: You can make this with your family’s favorite type of protein—diced or shredded (cooked chicken), smoked sausage, etc.

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