I Haven’t Bought Sandwich Bread In 5 Years After I Made This!

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Bread Has Never Been So Easy To Make Thanks To This Recipe

I know, you’ve probably tried 8 million bread recipes before from online. Every recipe says it’s the easiest to make or that anyone can do it. Making bread is a lot harder than it looks, right?

I had ever been able to get my bread loaves to come out correctly, no matter what recipe I was trying. I could follow it exactly, but it would never work like it was supposed to. It was like I was cursed! I was stunned when I found this bread recipe.

I followed the directions exactly, and my loaf came out just right. I couldn’t believe it! Ever since then, I’ve been making this bread recipe every week, and I haven’t bought a single loaf of bread from the grocery store. My family loves the smell of fresh bread filling the house, and I do to.

I promise, if you try this recipe out like I did, it will work for you to! Just make sure to do everything it says, and you shouldn’t have a problem. This bread is great for making sandwiches, butter and toast, or you can cut it up to make croutons after it stales. I’ll never need another bread recipe again!


Quick Tip: Put flour on your hands before mixing the dough so it doesn’t stick to you.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Runaway Kiwi

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