Your Guests Will Rave as They Dive Into This Confection

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How Could You Resist Taking a Dip in This?

Every cocktail or buffet-type party needs good dips. People enjoy being able to munch on dips and finger foods as they mingle and talk amongst themselves. Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to the dips you serve your guests?

This dip is a cut above your average cheese ball or savory sour cream-based dip. It is sweet! Imagine a cheesecake in dip form, and you’ll have the taste figured out. Now add apples and caramel to that! This dip will be the hit of your party, so you might want to make two, because the first one will disappear quickly once people start trying it.

This is a simple and easy dip to make, as well. It starts with a foundation of cream cheese and sour cream, just like a cheesecake would. Although the recipe calls for granulated sugar, I would highly recommend powdered sugar, as it will blend much more easily with the cream cheese and sour cream (see my note in the recipe Ingredients to determine the correct amount of powdered sugar to use). This is your standard cheesecake base.

Then you add an apple pie and streusel topping. The result will have your guests visiting the buffet again and again!


Quick Tip:  If you can’t find the specific type of caramel apple pie filling called for in the recipe, you can substitute any type of canned/jarred cooked apples, combined with caramel sundae topping. If the only canned apples you can find are the type in a prepared apple pie filling, drain most of their liquid off before combining with the caramel sundae topping. Dicing the apples into smaller bits will make them easier to dip. You could also dice and cook raw apples for this recipe.

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