Give This Classic Dinner Veggie a Sophisticated Facelift

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Banish Broccoli Hate With This Delicious Recipe

Has there ever been a tougher struggle than getting your family to eat vegetables? And who can blame them really? In a world filled with baked mac and cheese or mashed potatoes and gravy, who would want to waste even an inch of stomach space on broccoli? But the fact is that this veggie is so good for the body, and it’s really tasty too – when you know how to prepare it. I love this recipe by Damn Delicious for two reasons: it’s healthy, and it tastes like it’s not. With cheese, garlic, and olive oil roasting together as the veggie gets crisp, this side dish tastes like an indulgence. I’ve seen grown men fight over the last serving!

It’s also extremely easy to make, which you know is something I love because lazy weeknight dinners happen every night around here. Life doesn’t leave much room for cooking gourmet meals often, so something I can throw together and toss into the oven for a few minutes before serving is just what I need. Thanks go to Damn Delicious for sharing such a great recipe. I’ve already made this one more than a few times, and it’ll be on the regular dinner rotation for sure.


Quick tip: While fresh garlic cloves are better, you can substitute garlic powder for this recipe.

Recipe and Image Courtesy of Damn Delicious

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