Get Addicted in Seconds to This Easy Christmas Snack

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Crunchy, Sweet, and So Convenient Christmas Snacks are Impossible to Resist

One thing about Christmas coming up fast means that you can count on the food to start getting better. I love the fact that sharing food at the winter holidays is so ingrained in our culture. From cookie exchanges to big meals, there are so many ways to share a yummy treat with others that I have to be looking around for new ones as the year goes by. It’s more fun to try new things once in a while. One thing I saw this year that I wanted to try was candied pecans by A Dish of Daily Life.

Well I finally got the chance to test it out a couple of weeks ago, and they are still on my mind. Crunchy, sweet, salty, and perfectly bite-sized, these snacks are impossible to resist. My friends loved them, and I love how versatile the recipe is. I’m already thinking of ways to put this snack inside fudge, brownies, cookies, and other baked goods. Plus they are so easy to package up and hand out with a card or a gift, just to add a little something extra. Check out A Dish of Daily Life where this fantastic recipe comes from.


Quick tip: This recipe also makes a great topping for salads or a garnish for other dishes.

Recipe and image courtesy of A Dish of Daily Life

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