Feisty Stuffed Mini Peppers

  • stuffed mini peppers

This dish is a simple way to spice up any meal.

You are bogged down in the kitchen right before a huge dinner party, and you are in need of one more special appetizer to wow your guests. What do you do? You make these amazing, delicious fiesta stuffed mini peppers. They are super simple, and perfect finger food for the start of an amazing dinner.

These are perfect for an appetizer because they are hardy enough to satisfy your dying hunger, but not rich enough to fill up your stomach to the brim. The cheese adds a layer of saltiness and depth that compliments the softer and freshness of the roasted pepper.

Are you feeling risky, or want to condition your spice tolerance? Stuff some jalapeños with the filling instead! It is a great way to surprise your guests, and the jalapeños will balance out the cheesy filling. When jalapeños are roasted, they have a smoky flavor that isn’t as acidic as raw peppers.

The feta cheese adds a nice tanginess to the stuffed peppers. Whether you decide to stuff jalapeños or regular peppers, the feta cheese will extinguish any spiciness that the pepper gives your mouth. Feta cheese is also a more delicate and elegant cheese, that creates a fancier appetizer.


Quick Tip: If you don’t have a piping bag, just spoon in the filling.

Photo and Recipe Courtesy of A Few Shortcuts


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