Entertain The Kids And Eat A Sweet Treat At The Same Time This Holiday Season!

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Ten Minutes And A Few Ingredients Make The Perfect Christmas Day Snack

I have a load of cookbooks on my shelf at home, and they’re all very old. Not ancient cook books, but every page is a little faded and yellowed from the last decade or two. Honestly, I can’t imagine a cook book being any other way.

I love seeing older recipes and how simple they were. I was leafing through a particularly withered one from my childhood, and I stumbled across a favorite recipe I used to make with my mom: Christmas Cereal Wreaths. They’re sweet, crunchy, and the perfect sugary snack to munch on after opening presents on Christmas morning!

This is also a great activity you can do with any kids in your house. If you’re hosting a holiday party, you can set up a kids table and have them shape and decorate their wreaths before eating them. I would just suggest supervising the gooey marshmallow part; that can become VERY messy if it gets out of control!

You can lay all the decorations out on a table, and you can have an assortment of sprinkles in Christmas colors, or sparkly sugar, or little snowflake sprinkles! This is a creative snack that I think I’d still enjoy as an adult.


Quick Tip: Dip a spatula or spoon in cornstarch to keep the marshmallow from sticking too much.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Yummy Tummy Aarthi

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