Dippity-Do, It’s Good For You!

  • Greek 7 - Layer Dip

I’ll Dip Ya Like You’ve Never Been Dipped Before!

We all are aware of the classic 7-layer dip. You know, that one that is built upon a layer of refried beans and other elements of Mexican cuisine. It has been making the rounds at parties and potlucks since Patton was a private, so to speak. I think maybe it was served aboard Noah’s Ark as the flood waters rose, and I’m sure the Captain of the Titanic was munching on it as he went down with the ship, while the band played on. Ho-to-the-Hum!

The reason this classic dip has stood the test of time so very well, becoming a perennial favorite, has to do with the fact that most everyone loves a good dip. I think you can actually become addicted to dips! Something about that hand-to-mouth action, as you scoop up a big glob and shove it in your mouth, is uniquely satisfying.

It soothes you and builds up a pattern of craving built on muscle memory. Scoop, shove, swallow, and roll your eyes back in your head. Then repeat until all the dip is gone, your face is a-smear with dip droppings and you come back to your senses, wondering just where that big bowl of dip went. Sounds awfully like addiction, to me! Now Jaclyn is offering us a tasty new addiction with her delicious dip!


Quick Tip:  When making your hummus from the garbanzo beans, it is very important that you drizzle the olive oil VERY slowly into your food processor (or blender – that will work, too) while it is still running. This creates an emulsion, which is what will give your hummus a smooth, creamy texture.

Recipe and image courtesy of Jaclyn at Cooking Classy

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