Delicious Bread Or Amazing Cake – Who Cares? It’s Chocolate!

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Tastiest Quick Bread Recipe – EVER!

You just cannot beat a quick bread for giving you the sweet satisfaction you crave in a short amount of time. But when you introduce chocolate into the whole scenario, then you really have something worth talking about. Now, what if you could make a healthier chocolate quick bread? My dreams are made of that!

Then along came Chelsea with the exact thing I was dreaming about – a healthy, delicious, chocolatey quick bread! Best of all, it isn’t even complicated to make. Nor does it require any exotic ingredients. You won’t even need to get out your mixer – all you will need is one bowl, two hands, a big spoon and a loaf pan. You can’t beat that for ease-of-preparation!

With that said, there are some tricks to making this healthier recipe for a chocolate quick bread actually turn out with a taste you would want to eat, as opposed to cardboard. The first trick is the yogurt. Reduced-fat is okay, although full-fat is the best for baking. Avoid fat-free yogurts as they are too watery to give good baking results. You can use plain, unflavored yogurt, but vanilla yogurt will give a more flavorful result.


Quick Tip:  About that leftover egg white – you can save it and add it to some other recipe calling for eggs, such as adding it to your breakfast omelet, scrambled eggs or French toast. Or – gasp! – simply discard it!

Recipe and image courtesy of Chelsea at Chelsea’s Messy Apron

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  1. Gail February 9, 2018 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    Do you need 1/3 cup of oat flour after pulsing or just the 1/3 cup of old fashioned rolled oats pulsed to a flour. The ingredients say 1/3 cup oats but the instructions say to pulse oats and measure out what you need. The ingredients do not say oat flour so this is confusing. Pulsing 1/3 cup old fashioned rolled oats leaves you with less than 1/3 cup of oat flour.

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