Comfort Food Comes Home To Roost!

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Latest Food Trend Makes A “Mash-Up” Of Two Comfort Foods

What could possibly be more comforting, especially if you are not feeling well, than that timeworn, cure-for-all-ills, Chicken Noodle Soup? How many times in your life have you been feeling so poorly that the only thing that appealed to your touchy appetite, even remotely, was a steaming bowl of delicate chicken broth and noodles? Plenty, I imagine.

Think back to other times in your life when you have sought comfort in food’s warm embrace. Rough days at work, bad hair days, one obstacle or another that must be hurdled every day, just to make it back to the safety of your home. Once there, nothing might have seemed quite as appealing as an old-fashioned meal of Chicken Pot Pie, followed by the guilty pleasure of dunking a couple of cookies in an ice-cold glass of milk.

Now, imagine having a bad hair day, sitting in rush-hour traffic, only to get to work and be called into a private meeting with your boss and….you’re fired! You drive all the way home and just want the Earth to open up and swallow you. But then you remember saving this peculiar new recipe from the internet that was posted by a blogger names Gina. It was a combination of chicken noodle soup and chicken pot pie.


Quick Tip:  This is a great way to use up all those little bits of veggie leftovers, so clean out your fridge every time you make this comforting recipe.

Recipe and image courtesy of Gina at Kleinworth & Co.

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