Clementine Cranberry Bread – A Breakfast You Don’t Want To Miss

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Don’t Miss Out On This Ultimate Breakfast Bread

A few weeks ago I was trying to make my kids eat their oatmeal for the umpteenth time. I had tried every way of preparing and serving it; I swear a 5-star hotel chef couldn’t stand a chance if we were making oatmeal side by side in my kitchen. So I just gave up! They didn’t want it, no matter how tasty it was, so I decided to take a different approach. A clementine cranberry bread one.

I had made this bread a couple of times over the years but somehow completely forgot about it. It wasn’t until my decision to find a new, yummy breakfast idea, that I went to my little treasure box and found this among the other sweet loaf recipes.

For me, this seemed like the perfect option for breakfast – I didn’t want to make another banana bread because, in our house, it’s basically considered a dessert (drizzled with melted chocolate…) So I made this clementine cranberry bread, served it with melted butter and a vanilla smoothie, and they were crazy about it!

Even though I still think I make pretty awesome oatmeal, there’s one thing my kids and I agree on. This is just way better.


Quick tip: This bread will stay fresh for at least 5 days – wrap in foil first and then in plastic wrap.

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