This One Tiny Ingredient Changes Everything!

Dust Off Your Slow Cooker – It’s Party Time! Remember those little grape-jelly meatballs that were all the rage at cocktail parties for quite some time? Nobody believed they actually had grape jelly as one of the main ingredients. Now Rebecca has come up with might be considered grape-jelly meatballs, version 2.0. Only these are [...]

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This May Be The Best Chip Dip Recipe You’ll Ever Make- Try It Today!

People Can’t Get Enough Of This Crazy Delicious Dip! I’ve come to the realization that dip recipes are dangerous for me. I’m fairly certain I haven’t met one I didn’t like and that if there’s a dip at a party there’s a 99.9% chance I’ll be hovering around the bowl, glancing territorially around me while [...]

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The Best Cut Out Cookies We Have Ever Tried – And We’ve Tried Many

It’s Time To Kick Your Holiday Baking Up A Notch With These Perfect Cut-Out Cookies I grew up in a household that didn’t really get to enjoy sweets or dessert. Both my parents were extremely health conscious, which meant that for us a special treat after dinner consisted of some type of fruit—or if we [...]

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My Family Can NOT Get Enough Of These Deviled Eggs

Your Favorite Party Snack Gets A Southwestern Twist! I’m sure there is some party where you’ve had deviled eggs. At the very least, your family’s Easter party definitely had deviled eggs! My family loves this party snack or appetizer. Actually, I love making them on a regular basis for breakfast on the weekends. Boiling the [...]

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