This Apple-A-Day Might Make The Doctor Stay!

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Looking For a Quick, Easy and Healthy Snack?

These days, many of us are trying to be more health-conscious by making better food choices, controlling portion sizes, getting into exercise routines and establishing better sleep patterns. But admit it, there are times when you see a tempting dessert and you feel like you must indulge that little demon on your shoulder that is whispering in your ear, “Go ahead and eat it, you know you want to! What could it hurt, just this once?” Then, before you even realize it, you are eyebrows-deep in a piece of chocolate cake!

But what if you could have a dessert that was healthy? One that gave you all of the satisfaction of a guilty indulgence but, well, without all of that guilt? I certainly would sign up for that, wouldn’t you? Debbie has found a yummy way to do just that!

Whether you treat this dish as a healthy after-school snack for your kids or as a just-gotta-have-it dessert for yourself, you can think of it as a totally new kind of “no-bake” cookie. But this type of cookie is not only tasty, it is actually good for you. Plus it has the added benefit of being so quick to prepare that you can easily stave off that whispering hunger demon in the blink of an eye.


Quick Tip:  When you are preparing your apple slices, make sure you choose a knife that is big enough for the job. This is not the type of job for a paring knife! Using a larger knife will give you more control as you slice through the round, irregular shape of an apple. The larger knife will also enable you to put more power into making the slice, ensuring that you get a nice, uniform slice.

Recipe and image courtesy of Debbie Chapman at One Little Project

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