These Lip Smacking Good Chicken Tenders Will Leave You Speechless

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If You Love Big, Bold Flavor You’ll Love This Chicken Recipe

Do you ever sit back and think about what you eat after you’ve eaten it? Or is that just me? I’m a total foodie—or maybe food lover is the better term—I don’t like fancy or exotic food so much as I enjoy a good grilled cheese or buffalo chicken fingers. But for me food has always been a source of connection with my family and friends.

However, when I’m with said family and friends I don’t always make the healthiest eating decisions. My best friend is well known for her lightning fast metabolism, which means she can eat almost anything without batting an eye. And my husband, well, let’s just say his love of pizza has worn off on me and we’re now lucky to just have one pizza night a week.

So that leads me back to my original question and thinking about food. Sometimes I’ll finish eating something particularly unhealthy and stop to think that maybe—just maybe—I could have made a better choice. I could have skipped dessert. Or swapped our fries for the side of veggies.

But it’s hard. To me at least healthy foods have never been quite as tasty. So when I can find a recipe, like these baked buffalo chicken tenders, that tastes indulgent but is actually pretty good for me I’m all for it!


Quick tip: You can use this same process to make barbecue chicken fingers—simply swap out the hot sauce for your favorite barbecue sauce instead.

Image and recipe courtesy of Domesticate-Me.


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