Not A Fan Of Pumpkin Pie? Try This Dessert Recipe For The Holidays!

I Can’t Believe How Moist These Muffins Are – I Love Them! Today, I have for you this classic Pumpkin Muffin recipe. While I’m sure you’ve had pumpkin muffins before, these ones are special because they use a gluten free flour mix. My sister is on a gluten free diet because gluten upsets her stomach. [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Make This Dessert!

Make This Show-Stopping Layered Dessert Just Like A Master Chef Whenever I go to an Italian restaurant, I always try to leave room for dessert. In fact, I will deliberately only eat half of the huge portions they usually serve, just so I can have dessert. Let me explain something:  I don’t have a sweet [...]

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The Lazy Baker’s Way To Create A Show-Stopping Apple Dessert

Serve Thanksgiving Apple Pie Like Martha Stewart Would! Okay, so you’re NOT Martha Stewart. I feel your pain, because I’m not Martha Stewart, either. But wouldn’t it be great if we could serve a show-stopping dessert at our next Thanksgiving feast? One just like you know good ol’ Martha is whipping up in her kitchen [...]

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This Pumpkin Cobbler Will Steal The Show At Thanksgiving

Get A Show-stopping Dessert Without Making A Complete Mess Of Your Kitchen! So you thought that you had seen the last of one of your favorite types of dessert – the humble cobbler – when summer came to an end? Think again, my friend! Cobblers have extended their season into autumn’s falling leaves and cooler [...]

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Fluffy And Creamy: This Dessert Tastes Like Heaven In Every Bite.

Tired Of Pumpkin Pie? You Have To Save This Recipe! Okay, everyone! I know Thanksgiving is just around the corner! You probably have your pumpkin pie recipe ready to go, right? Well, toss that canned pumpkin aside because you’re going to want to make my famous Sweetly Satisfying Sweet Potato Pie this year! Trust me, [...]

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A Classic Winter Drink Turned Dessert Makes Any Get Together Special

Forget Drinking Your Eggnog – Eat It In This Tasty Pie Version Every year at Christmas, my mom starts breaking out the eggnog. I don’t get the draw myself but eggnog is a beloved family tradition for my crew and many others I’m sure. So when I saw this eggnog version of a cheesecake pop [...]

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Just 5 Ingredients Stand Between You and This Delicious No-Bake Fudge

Sweet and Salty Fudge Made with Strawberries is the Perfect Way to Woo Your Valentine I know that it’s hard to think about Valentine’s Day right now, but the truth is that you can enjoy this amazing no-bake fudge any time of the year. Personally I think that the idea of chocolate-covered strawberry fudge is [...]

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