You’re Just Six Ingredients Away From The Perfect Party Dip!

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When You’re Short On Time This Quick Dip Is A Party Life Saver!

I’ve always admired my mom and grandma for their flawless hosting skills. They love to throw a good party and never seem to be rushed or feel overwhelmed—yet any time they have people over their tables seem to be overflowing with delicious snacks that look like they’d take days to prepare.

When I asked them their secrets they shared that the night before a party isn’t meant for sleeping—it’s meant for cooking and baking up a storm. In fact, my grandma told me that often before our annual Thanksgiving dinner she rarely goes to bed before midnight. Instead, she finds it soothing to have a quiet house to cook and bake in as she pleases with nothing to interrupt her.

I wish I could say I inherited their love of hosting people and making food for them, but that has never really been my thing. I tend to get easily stressed over the details and find myself waiting until the last minute to prepare.

But as my mom and grandma get older I feel more compelled to do my fair share. But instead of pushing myself to the limits I’ve made it my mission to find easy recipe that are so tasty no one will know they only take minutes to prepare!


Quick tip: This dip is perfect for making in advance of a party or gathering—it will keep in the fridge for up to 24 hours before you need to serve.

Recipe and image courtesy of Jamie Cooks It Up.


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