The Best Meatloaf You’ve Ever Tasted – With A Delicious Surprise Inside!

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You Can Stop Looking. The Perfect Meatloaf Recipe Is Right Here

There are few things in life that are quite as delicious as a perfectly juicy meatloaf. There’s just something so mouthwatering about a slice served after it’s just hot out of the oven. And it’s equally as tasty tucked between two slices of bread the next day. It’s a quintessential American meal that just about every family has their recipe for.

And if those families are anything like mine their treasured meatloaf recipe is not meant to be messed with. Either your grandma spent years getting the seasoning just right or your dad found the way to make it perfectly moist every time. No matter how you got to the recipe it’s just always your go to. The one you reach for when you want something you know will turn our fabulously.

But what if I told you there’s a recipe that will be even better? That it would become your new go to and the other one would slowly drift to the bottom of your recipe drawer? Would you believe me?

Because this right here is a game-changing meat loaf that puts all others to shame. (Just don’t tell your grandma we’re the ones who shared it with you.)


Quick tip: To make sure there’s cheese in every slice roll out your meatloaf to match the length of the cheese sticks. Then when it’s rolled up you’ll have cheese from end to end.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Dishin’ with Didi.


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