Hands Down This Is The Best Belgian Waffle Recipe You’ll Ever Make!

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Be Still My Heart! This Is The Waffle Recipe We’ve All Been Waiting For

When I was a junior in college my best friend and I lived in an apartment just a few blocks off campus. The apartment itself was a little less than ideal (hello, one bedroom for two people) but was just a short walk away from this amazing diner that served breakfast all day—including their staple menu item the “Best Belgian Waffles”.

I can’t even begin to remember all the post-late night study trips my friend and I took there. Our eyes were crossed from so much reading and our stomachs were grumbling from skipping dinner. We’d hurry to our favorite booth and wait eagerly for our waiter to arrive.

My friend always ordered fried eggs over easy with a side of bacon and hash browns—she was a savory girl through and through. But not me. I made my way through their extensive pancake menu before finally trying their famous Belgian waffle… and then never looked back.

Since I graduated and moved away from my college town I’ve been on a hunt for that elusive perfect Belgian waffle recipes. And after many mediocre attempts I think I’ve finally found it. The best Belgian waffle recipe ever.


Quick tip: To help the egg whites form stiff peak add in 1/8 tsp cream of tartar before you start to whip them and whip them in a cold bowl.

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