This Lipsmacking Good Meatloaf Is The Perfect Family Dinner!

  • Barbecue Meatloaf

Warning: This Recipe May Make You Drool… You’ve Been Warned

When I was younger I always thought I hated meatloaf. Something about the concept of ground meat shaped into a loaf just did NOT sound appealing to me. Combine that with my mother having a tendency to make meatloaf that turned out dry and bland and well… I’m shocked I even found myself trying this barbecue meatloaf recipe.

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have if it wouldn’t have been for my sweet not so little boy (he’s 12 now!) who told me he had the best meatloaf ever while over at a friend’s house. He’s not really one to mention food he’s had at friends’ houses so the fact that be told me about this meant it had to be really good.

So the next time I saw his friend’s mom I asked her about the recipe. Fortunately, it was not some great family secret and she was more than happy to jot down the simple recipe for me. As I scanned the recipe that day I was confident I had everything I needed for it at home.

My son was so excited when he got home from soccer practice and realized what I was making. And even as a self-professed meatloaf hater I have to say I loved it, too.


Quick tip: You can bake this without a loaf pan – just shape into a loaf and set onto a flat baking tray.

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