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Comfort Food Comes Home To Roost!

Latest Food Trend Makes A “Mash-Up” Of Two Comfort Foods What could possibly be more comforting, especially if you are not feeling well, than that timeworn, cure-for-all-ills, Chicken Noodle Soup? How many times in your life have you been feeling so poorly that the only thing that appealed to your touchy appetite, even remotely, was [...]

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Better Stock Up On Bacon – You’ll Be Making This Casserole Often!

You Won’t Be Able To Stop Making This Easy, Delicious Casserole! This Casserole is going to knock your socks right off your feet, so keep a spare pair handy! This simple, yet scrumptious, casserole that Chung-Ah brings us is just that good. It has everyone’s favorite protein:  chicken, delicately battered in ranch seasoning. It has [...]

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You’ll Never Want Restaurant Onion Rings Again Once You’ve Tried This Easy Recipe

You Won't Be Able To Stop At Just One Of These Crispy & Delicious Homemade Onion Rings Are sports a big thing in your house? Does your family gather around the TV every Sunday during football season or do you and your friends make sure to travel to a couple games to watch your favorite [...]

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