One Of Your Favorite Italian Specialties, Without All The Bother

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Now You Can Easily Make This Hard-To-Prepare Dish In Your Own Kitchen!

You’ve got to love these one-pot meals! How could you not love a meal where all the elements are prepared in a single pot, in a structured sequence that allows you to put a hearty, filling meal on the table in 30 minutes or less? Sign me up for that program – hassle free cooking with extremely easy clean-up!

The trouble with the ever-popular Italian dish, Chicken Parmesan, is that it is notoriously difficult to make. You have to pound the chicken into uniform thickness, then you have to dip it, bread it, bake it, and make the sauce and the pasta – whew! Can’t you just picture how long this takes? The gigantic mess you are going to be making in your kitchen? How long it is going to take you to clean all of that mess up?

This is why Chicken Parmesan is such a popular restaurant dish, and why almost nobody makes it at home. But what if you could have the same great-tasting meal, in a slightly different form, made in your own kitchen? What if it only took 30 minutes to get it on your table, with only one pot to wash up afterwards? That is where Amanda’s great-tasting recipe comes to the rescue.


Quick Tip:  For an easier job of dicing the chicken, put the chicken breasts in the freezer for 15-20 minutes prior to slicing them.

Recipe and image courtesy of Amanda at The Chunky Chef

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