Better Stock Up On Bacon – You’ll Be Making This Casserole Often!

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You Won’t Be Able To Stop Making This Easy, Delicious Casserole!

This Casserole is going to knock your socks right off your feet, so keep a spare pair handy! This simple, yet scrumptious, casserole that Chung-Ah brings us is just that good. It has everyone’s favorite protein:  chicken, delicately battered in ranch seasoning. It has tender, curly rotini pasta, bathed in creamy, velvety homemade Alfredo sauce. Then it is all topped by not just one, but two other ooey-gooey cheeses. The crowning glory? BACON!! In a word:  perfection!

Think you can resist this one? I can almost guarantee that if you try just one bite of this eye-rollingly good casserole, you are going to be hooked, and you will find this casserole securing itself a prominent place in your menu rotation. One of the best features of this recipe is that you can take a lot of shortcuts to not only shave off preparation time, but also to make things easier.

Pick up a rotisserie chicken on your way home from work or shopping and just add the ranch seasoning into the Alfredo sauce. Speaking of that Alfredo sauce, grab a jar of it while you are picking up the rotisserie chicken and you can really cut down on your prep time. If you can find pre-cooked pasta – it doesn’t have to be rotini – dinner practically will make itself.


Quick Tip:  Want to make this a complete meal? Just add some frozen veggies – mixed veggies, broccoli or cauliflower are good choices.

Recipe and image courtesy of Chung-Ah at Damn Delicious

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