This 5 Minute Coleslaw Recipe Can Be Put On Anything!

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Tis The Season For This Holiday Inspired Coleslaw!

I’ve currently got an obsession with all things crunchy, and it’s not only because I’m trying to satisfy my cravings after having my baby!

Each week I have been cooking up a roast chicken through the weekend to add to my salads during the week for lunches and dinners, and I’ve really been enjoying experimenting with different salad ingredients and seeing just how much deliciousness I can cram into one meal. I also love how I can prepare my salads ahead of time, which makes them an easy meal to grab from the fridge – and stops me from just eating leftovers, and pizza, and snacks, oh my!

This 5 Minute Colelsaw with Crandberries is a great alternative to traditional Coleslaw.  I added celery, carrots, spring onion and two types of cabbage as the base of this colelsaw, but it’s really the apple pieces, cranberries and walnuts which make this something super special.

It’s a little holiday inspired, so I feel you can eat it any time of year. The dressing I made for this recipe is not quite your traditional dressing, however you can always use a Coleslaw dressing from a store if you prefer and that will also make this salad even faster to make.


Quick Tip: Leave the chopped nuts a little chunky, so your coleslaw has a good crunch.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Create Bake Make

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