You’re Just Three Ingredients Away From Delicious HOMEMADE Brownies!

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This Is  The Perfect Recipe When You Want A Tasty Dessert In No Time

One of my favorite things to do is bake with my kids. I have three—two boys and a girl—and they range in age from seven to three. Sometimes it can be hard to find activities that we can all do together where no one feels left out or bored out of their minds because it’s too easy.

Baking seems to be in that activity sweet spot where my three-year-old is content to pass the ingredients and my seven-year-old is challenged enough by scooping, measuring and dumping. And my five-year-old is becoming my master mixer (when she doesn’t leave  flour flying everywhere!)

It’s become a bit of a tradition to spend some time on our Sunday afternoons baking up a sweet treat for out family to enjoy during the coming week. I love to sit down with the kids and my husband to find a recipe that both looks delicious and manageable for three little ones with short attention spans to make from start to finish.

These Sunday recipe searches have led to us finding some of our new favorite desserts. Who knew simple recipes could be so delicious? But of all the recipes we’ve tried these brownies are by far my favorite!


Quick tip: Instead of a muffin tin you can also bake these in an 8 inch square pan. The baking time will be a bit longer.

Recipe and image courtesy of Laura’s Sweet Spot.

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