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5 Ingredients Is All It Takes To Make This Saucy Breakfast Recipe

While I’ve shared a basic Southern gravy recipe online before, if you’re thinking of making biscuits and gravy for breakfast, it can’t be done with regular restaurant style gravy. It HAS to be made with sausage gravy.

Could you imagine it any other way with your breakfast? Sausage gravy is a Southern comfort staple.  It can be found in nearly every home kitchen table in the South and the Southwest.

Nothing quite compares with biscuits and sausage gravy!  It’s not a fancy meal, and it shouldn’t be made into a fancy meal. It’s peasant food, at its best.

Pure, simple and oh so satisfying.  It is food born from a need to feed a family with only what was on hand and feed them well!

This is my mother’s recipe that I’ve borrowed. I have not adapted it, modified it or otherwise messed with it.  On the contrary, I’ve invested over 10 years of my life trying to perfect my mother’s technique.

At first, I tried to make it on my own. These attempts resulted in some okay gravies, but they just weren’t “right.”  It’s taken a long time, but I think that if my mother was here to taste this gravy today, it would make her proud.


Quick Tip: For gravy, use a fatty pork, instead of a lean meat you would buy at a grocery store.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Uncle Jerry’s Kitchen

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