These Semi-Homemade Sticky Buns Are So Delicious No One Will Know They Use A Short Cut

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Sticky Buns in Less Than an Hour? You Bet!

I have fond memories of summer camp as a child. Every summer break my best friend and I would spend a week at a summer camp about two hours from our homes. It would be a week of camp fires, swimming, hiking and giggling with friends. And the best sticky buns I ever had. They were actually the inspiration for me to make these Easy Pecan Sticky Buns.

One day my husband and I were reminiscing on our childhoods, and I mentioned my many trips to summer camp. As a city kid he never went to camp for a day much less a week and was fascinated that my parents let my elementary school self go away from home that long.

It brought back a flood of memories—the best of which all included my best friend. One that was particularly of note was the time we caught a giant frog and tried to keep it as a pet in our tent. Long story short Lucy woke up with a frog on her pillow and we woke up half the camp screaming as we tried to escape the tent.

From that day on we had to sleep separately. It was a bummer but still so much fun. And those sticky buns, man, they were awesome. And this recipe tastes almost exactly like them (but is way easier!).


Quick tip: These rolls can also be baked in 2 8 inch round pans—6 in each. Simply divide butter/sugar mixture and pecans over the bottom of each pan.

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