You’ll Never Need Another Pasta Sauce Recipe – So Creamy And Cheesy!

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Your Kids Won’t Eat Peas? Make Them This Pasta, And They’ll Eat Them All Up!

Fettuccine Alfredo is a guilty pleasure of mine! I’m kidding – I really don’t feel that guilty! It’s another one of the first things my mom had made for me as a kid, and it’s such a craving I still get now as an adult.

You’ll forget all about the calories, and just dive into the creamy, cheesy pasta without any guilt. Besides, I added some peas for nutrition! This Cheesy Chicken Pasta will knock your socks off after one bite, but be careful because after cooking it once, your kids and husband will be asking for it again and again!

Cheese sauce on pasta is just sinfully delicious, and full of cream, butter and, oh yea, cheese.  Can it get much better? I’m sure you could make this pasta a little lighter, but when you only have it every once in a while, I say go for it! There is peas in it though, so that makes it healthier!

I love this recipe so so so SO much. In fact, mine didn’t even make it to the plate before I destroyed the pot. I looked like an animal, and ate it like it was my last meal, but I didn’t care how I looked, I went to town on this dinner, and enjoyed every minute of it!!


Quick Tip: Make sure your parmesan cheese is grated so it melts easily without congealing.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Mom’s Bistro

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