You’ll Never Buy These From The Store Again!

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Everything Tastes Better Homemade—Including These Freezer Section Favorites.

Whenever I go grocery shopping with my two youngest daughters I know I’m in for a treat. They’re wonderful girls, but boy are they not afraid to ask for what they want—over and over again! For the most part they’ve come to realize that I won’t buy them candy or cookies unless it’s for a special treat, but there are a few other items we’re still working on.

One of those is the famous Hot Pockets. If you haven’t had them yourself I’m sure you’ve at least heard of them or seen them in your local grocery store. They’re ingenious really—little hand held pies with your favorite ingredients stuffed inside. And about a thousand other ingredients you won’t even recognize.

And, okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I really try my hardest not to buy that kind of food at the grocery store for my family very often. So when I couldn’t get my girls to forget about hot pockets I had to find a better way to satisfy their craving.

Enter my new favorite dinner: homemade hot pockets.


Quick tip: Switch up the filling to your tastes—cooked chicken, broccoli and cheddar is also really good.

Photo attribution and recipe courtesy of: Alice and the Mock Turtle.

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