You’ll Never Believe How Easy this Summer Favorite Is

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This Festival Food Favorite Is Ready in Just Minutes

I know it’s not summer time, but as the weather gets colder and colder, I start to crave my favorite summer festival foods. That’s silly, I know. After all, there is ton of delicious winter food that I never get during the summer that I should be enjoying right now! Stews! Roasts! Turkey! But right now, all my brain can think about is elephant ears and fried pickles. And since I had a jar of pickle slices in the fridge, I decided I’d look around for a recipe for the second. And thanks to Table for Two, I found a great one!
This recipe is very easy, and the chef at Table for Two made it sound even more manageable than I thought it would be. All you need to do is dip the pickles, lay them out on a cookie sheet to rest for a moment, and then fry. It’s that simple and that fast to be enjoying your favorite fair food. I was so excited that I burnt my mouth more than once, but it was totally worth it. The breading of this recipe is so tasty, and the juicy pickles satisfied my urge for fair food. Now hopefully I’ll be able to keep myself satisfied until the next summer fair rolls around.


Quick tip: This recipe calls for dill pickles, but feel free to use your favorite – bread and butter, half sours, or whatever you like.

Recipe and image courtesy of Table for Two

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