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Grilled Delight – Not Just for Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians

While the rest of us are blithely making our new-fangled grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and other meats, the lacto-ovo vegetarians (those who consume dairy products and eggs) are looking on, perhaps with a little envy. Don’t they deserve a “special” grilled cheese sandwich, too? Damned straight, Skippy!

Well, here it is, at long last. Sorry, you lacto-ovo veggie folks, but this recipe is so tasty that you are going to have to share it with everyone else that eats dairy products. But, still, it IS very special and we can’t wait to see the looks of sheer bliss that will certainly cross your faces as you take your first bite.

Although it takes a LONG time to caramelize onions, you are going to find that it was well worth your time and effort, as caramelization draws out the sweetness lurking inside every onion, even those that are so pungent that they bring tears to your eyes the moment you slice into them. You know the ones I mean – if you’ve been cooking longer than a minute, you have wept onion-tears!

The baby portabella mushrooms, with their earthy, meaty flavor, pair well with the sweet onions. The mild, sweet, nut-like taste of the Swiss cheese pulls the whole sandwich together.


Quick Tip:  Slicing the onions becomes easy work with a mandolin. First, with a large knife, cut the onion in half across the widest part. Save half of it for another recipe. Now cut the remaining onion half in half again, from either the stem or root end. Use the mandolin to cut these large chunks into nice, even half circles.

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