This Chili Recipe Will Leave You Drooling—Don’t Pass It Up!

  • White Chicken Chili

This Will Warm You Up On A Cold Winter Day

When my husband got a new job that took his commute from 15 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes his days of being the family chef had to come to an end. With me getting home nearly 40 minutes after him it just didn’t make sense for me to make dinner—not to mention my cooking skills barely went beyond making toast. So when I had to take over meals like this easy White Chicken Chili became a lifesaver.

I can’t lie, though, in the beginning even this ridiculously easy recipe alluded me. The first few weeks I made us a lot of frozen pizza, grilled cheese and breakfast for dinner (we’re not the only ones who do that, right??). My kids loved it! My husband and I? Not so much. Turns out our adult digestive systems don’t respond as well to carb-loaded suppers every night.

So on the weekend my husband and I started cooking together to help boost my confidence in the kitchen. He was a HUGE help and very patient with me, considering that as a woman in my mid-thirties I should probably have a little bit more experience with such basic skills.

But under his careful tutelage I learned a ton and can whip up delicious recipes like this in no time!


Quick tip: If you don’t have sour cream you can substitute with 1 cup plain Greek Yogurt—this will add a little bit of extra tang to your dish.

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