Warm Up with A Bite of This Perfect Comfort Food Marriage

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Cottage Pie and Scalloped Potatoes Are Our New Relationship Goals

Sometimes when I read a recipe that combines multiple delicious things into one amazing thing, I get a little envious. “Why didn’t I think of that first?” I always wonder. That’s exactly what I wanted to know when I saw this recipe by Erren’s Kitchen. Take the delicious warmth of cottage pie and pair with the elegant and delicious topping of scalloped potato gratin. Is there anything more perfect? This recipe takes about two and a half hours to make, so give yourself some time – but I promise it’s worth it.

You start by preparing the beef mixture and then getting the potatoes ready to go. Then you layer it all together, pour on a delicious cheese sauce, and bake. It’s a few extra steps than I like for a weeknight dinner, but man is it tasty. Make extra for leftovers because trust me, you’ll want them. This tastes just as good the next day. Thanks go out to Erren’s Kitchen for such an amazing recipe! I’ve only made this once so far, but I have big plans to impress my in-laws next time they come for dinner on a cold day. Cottage pie is comforting and delicious, and the potatoes are the perfect “dress it up” touch.


Quick tip: Don’t toss those potato skins when you peel them! You can add them to soup for extra nutrients and flavor, or compost them.

Recipe and image courtesy of Erren’s Kitchen

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