Your Turkey Won’t Even Need To Be Seasoned If You Make This Recipe!

My Favorite Fruit Gives This Stuffing A Sweet And Tart Flavor!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of them all. I love the weather, and the family is all together and no pressure with gifts like Christmas. In full disclosure, it is also around my birthday, but these days I could do without remembering that!

I have been making my delicious stuffing for more than 20 years now, improving on it until I think it’s just right. Every now and then I have veered off and done a different dressing or something with nuts, and this recipe is the one we always go back to and is requested by everyone in my family.

I forgot that I shared this with some of my friend’s years ago when they asked, only to discover recently that yes, they are still using it with their families!

Now some people like to say that you shouldn’t stuff the bird. I say that’s hogwash! If your bird is really fresh, and you’ve washed it and dried it well, you will be fine. My only advice is to allow the stuffing to cool completely before adding it to the turkey.

I hope this will become your go-to favorite stuffing recipe as well! You’ll love the apple flavors I’ve added!


Quick Tip: Half this recipe if you don’t want to stuff your turkey with it.

Recipe and image courtesy of: Love The Secret Ingredient

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