Tropical Flavors You Can Enjoy Anytime Are a Crowd Pleaser

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You’ll Never Go Back to Another Pork Marinade Again!

When I think of summer, I usually picture a cold margarita and a plate of chips and salsa. But there’s no denying that grilled meat and delicious tropical fruits are a close second for the quintessential summer flavor. If you want to make weeknight dinners just a little more exciting, without putting in a lot of extra work, this recipe by Pop Culture was made for you. Skip your usual barbecue or marinade and let this recipe show you how to get tropical flavors that are out of this world. I never thought I would enjoy eating fruit with meat – but the grilled pineapple that tops this pork chop is every bit as delicious as enjoying a Thanksgiving pork and apple dish.

I like how easy this recipe is to prepare and to cook. You can grill the meat and toppings on an indoor grill, on your outdoor grill, or even on the stovetop in a grill pan. No matter what your culinary skills may be, there’s a way to make this recipe work for you. It also takes just a few minutes to cook, and the prep time is mostly hands off. What more can you want from a recipe?


Quick tip: Make this recipe a little more heart-healthy by using lower sodium soy sauce.

Recipe and Image Courtesy of Pop Culture

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